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Klinger suffers further heart attack

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So far there is little to say; he is recovering.


He may survive. Editors, Grabbe and Degot, under investigation.


I remain at the helm,
Thomas Shadewell

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March 31, 2009 at 12:40 pm

The Roman idea of Hanging Out

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March 22, 2009 at 3:18 pm

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City of Trees

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Yes, well, you know, I wonder as I wander through the streets of Somerville, city of trees, Spring one day, sixteen inches of snow another; what with Max Klinger in the hospital I can’t help but think of Jacob Lenz dead in a snowbank, eyes open, in a Mosow back-alley, mysterioulsy clutching a copy of Viktor Shklovsy’s History of Soviet Polar Bears.

We have replaced the Leibniz Reader on our john with a copy of Shelley’s The Revolt of Islam. Frankly, of late, we have been too poor to go to the cinema, bars, resturants, much less the theatre. Books, books, and periodicals, English muffins, high gravity lager, Steel Reserve 211. Our Brazilian Beer Store, in Union Square, opens up eight in the morning. They sell 40 and 50 pound bags of rice from all over the world, and real sugar cane, mangoes, and plantains–they even sell bags of MSG, just for you and your retro traditional cooking. The languages are Portuguese, Creole, Spanish, and English, for the few Herr Doktor German Speakers who come in as well.

The birds are chirping. They are building egg palaces out of twigs and dead leaves. Squirrels are behaving like Harrier Jump-Jets. F-Troop is now out on regular Boob-Patrol. I have managed to come up upon the crest of 56 years of age.

I have been reading Cicero, Juvenal, and the Aeneid. Last night I finished Tenny Frank’s wonderful, cogent Life and Literature in the Roman Republic. I am also enjoying the delicious A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel. One is not really poor so long as one has light, warmth, books, and good companonship. Food and drink help. O, and we have the radio and the internet and the Times Literary Supplement.

My Frau is a broad-shouldered Amazon with fair blue eyes and a sly smile. She is five feet ten inches tall in her stocking feet though I look down on her and her deep penetrating intelligence from a greater height. Busenvollig is also 8 years younger then I am. When do we begin to start thinking about age? When do we begin to worry about age? Do we ever?

I find trees are a comfort to me in my 50s. I have two special friendships with trees just now. One is stunted, crabbed, cut back by power lines, and very brave, and the other is a vast, stout giant. In my walks, in Somerville, city of trees watching for birds, I greet these trees; sometimes I touch them. No, I don’t fucking hug the things nor do I piss on them. But often I am unsure if I bless them or they bless me. We have now got through the appalling winter of 09. May the trees and the birds bless my two daughters.

My best regards,
Stanley Richardson

Written for Der Zuschauer. Copyright by Guam Battalions, 2009. All rights reserved.

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March 15, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Max Klinger Survives Heart Attack

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Dear Readers,
It is true that our august editor, Max Klinger, has suffered a heart attack while dealing with some iconographic issues regarding this journal. These have been resolved and he is recovering in a Guam Island hospital room surrounded by a bevy of Gooney Bird interns. Christian Grabbe and I soldier on here although we have lost contact with writer Stanley Richardson, who seems convinced we, the afore mentioned editors, were behind die Blendung in the first place. Some of you have asked where in the hell has Mrs. Inchbald gone to and does she paint her nails? Broad-Rump speaking, we’ve no idea. Klinger is, in his lordly hospital bed, reading Witold Gombrowicz’s Diary, and Nabokov’s Speak, Memory. He has also had his toe-nails painted cherry red.

Ekaterina Degot

Written by herrdramaturg

March 9, 2009 at 2:56 pm