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I Love Scrod, On Cape Cod

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Idylls of the Northeast Corridor

Can there be such a thing? Ice fishing perhaps? Birds can still be seen on warmer days. No squirrels. Momentous Bug Movies from Hollywood are wicked this coming. 2010 feels, seems like we are living in an age of science fiction. Can Youtube be used in a court of law? Are smart phones the very center of mast people’s lives? Are Americans more crass, vulgar, and trashy than ever before? Why do people sneer at humanism? Is tenure tenured? In the People’s Republic the book-stores
are mobbed, the new ones, the scholarly ones less so. Please go and look into McIntrye andMoore Booksellers in Porter Square in Cambridge when you visit. I now live 2 miles or less from where I lived when I first moved from Georgia to Cambridge, over on Broadway in 1975, already a veteran Soixante-Huitard. Dr. Johnson is suddenly the rage, because of the recent biographies. I haveCollected Works in 16 Volumes. It was a birthday present from my beloved colleague, Frau Busenvollig. I now celebrate World Historical View Day on the 25th of December, just as they do on Guam Island. I have been reading and translating poems of Nelly Sachs from the German. My most ambitious reading project currently is Die letzten Tage der Menschheit of Karl Kraus. We are all 21st Centurians now. I don’t twitter, I don’t eat to-fu. I believe strongly in cleavage, public libraries, short plaid-pleated skirts, foreign languages. I use Arts&Letters Daily as my home-page. Der Zuschauer is always a click away.

Komm, heilige Melancholie

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“I have noticed, as a 21st Century writer, looking for geld, earnings, moolah moolah, that Higher Education, such as it is, is a lying slut and self-regarding whore for mediocrity, security, and balls, little else: time-serving bolsheviks, feminist running dogs of chagrin, lamp-lighters of blind alleys, DeuteroIsaiah’s Not, MLA weibchen peer review, male eager beaver referring, stool-squating skunks, can’t-wait-to-beg-a-question from the Hunden at the podium. “We are smug when we are secure. We are tenured and we are old. Rue! Go ahead and rue, rue the day! We too were jackals, now you are jackals.” There are sharks in the Danube. There are werewolves along the Charles. Exit, pursed by a Kodiak Bear.”

Geheimreport, January 2010
Offices of Strategic Services

Weiss Gott: Niemals hat ein Geheimdienst sein Geld sinnvoller unter die Leute gebracht.

Written by herrdramaturg

January 7, 2010 at 1:29 pm

We Young Hegelians

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“Dr. Marx–that is my idol’s name–is still very young (about twenty-four at most) and will give medieval religion and politics their coup de grace. He combines the deepest philosophical seriousness with the most biting wit. Imagine Rousseau, Voltaire, Holbach, Lessing, Heine, and Hegel fused into one person–I say fused, not thrown together in a heap–and you have Dr. Marx.”

Moses Hess, quoted by I. Berlin in Karl Marx, 54.

“The time will come when the sun will shine only upon a world of free men who recognise no master except their reason, when tyrants and slaves, priests, and their stupid or hypocritical tools, will no longer exist except in history or on the stage.”


“He sealed it by becoming a member of the Doktorklub, an association of free-thinking university intellectuals, who met in beer cellars, wrote mildly seditious verse, professed violent hatred of the King, the Church, the bourgeoise, and above all argued on points of Hegelian theology.”

“…free spirits as they called themselves…For we are dealing with a remarkable phenomenon–the decomposition of the Absolute Spirt.”

I. Berlin, KM, 52-3.

Katerina Degot. Junoesque: woman imposingly tall and shapely.

Written by herrdramaturg

January 6, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Weltanschauung Week on Guam

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Every year we thespians on Guam Island celebrate World Historical View Week from the 25th through to New Year’s Day. Celebrations include hoola hoola hooping, giant tortise racing, realism barbecues, modernist cook-outs, tire-sales for the avant-garde. The spirit of Betty Page is definitely in the air and in our hearts. Fringe activities abound. Vegans play soccor with hot-dog enthusiasts. The week’s main even was to be a reenactment of Lord Acton’sLectures on the French Revolution. Leftists immediately announced enactments from Leon Trotsky’sThe Russian Revolution. Attendant events from the center right included dramatized scenes from Dostoyevsky’s The Devils, and readings from Burke’s Reflections. Lest this seem heady, remember the beer and wine wagons, the bikinis, nude volley-ball, lesbian fish fries, and cigar-smoking in the Churchill Pavillion, not to mention the Winter Soltice Rhumba-Dance-Lines. Maximillian Klinger is set to perform the role of John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, First Baron Acton. Ekaterina Degot is being restrained for this event, being tied to a chair and forced to wear a motorcycle helmet. Wish you had been here. Annette Funicello and Her Mouseketeers were wonderful.

Christian D. Grabbe